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Underground Utility Installation
Sewer Lateral Repair/ Replacement
Private 4" Sewer Lines
Septic Tank Abandonment & Cap Off
New 6" Sewer connection to City Main


Call an expert to get the job done to last.

Sewer Camera Inspections

We can send our Camera through your line to find exactly what and where your sewer problem is located. Taking the guesswork out of your repair job.

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Sewer Repair or Replacement

Whether you need a spot repair of your main line or if you just need the whole line replaced, we are there to get you back connected like new to the city main with the latest standards of Pipe material for your area.

Underground Utility installation

Every week we are helping Los Angeles residents with their new construction projects by trenching and installing lines like Power, Water, Cable , and Internet from the property line out to the poles.


Phone: 310-521-0041
Torrance, Ca
Office Hours- MON-FRI 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

We are always ready for service

Shields Sewer Contracting specializing in Installation, Replacing and Repairing Sewer lines.  We are a Licensed and Bonded Sewer Contractor with Emergency Services Available. We do Video Sewer Inspection with color camera, Electronic Line Locating of Sewer, Trenchless Sewer line replacement and more.